What fuse williams power supply defender

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Pinside member. Where did you purchase the wire benders, I've seen them but can't seem to find a good place to get them? Oakland, NE. I'd try those two first. You are talking about the lead bender guide for resistors and other board components right? Great plains electronics Big daddy enterprises I'd try those two first. That Pinball Place. Columbus, IN. The rom in question is the IC17 flipper rom which uses aall the rest are s, is there a difference?

This is a Black Knight system 7. Where would be the best source for a replacement? I appreciate that! I just replaced the 40 pin connector, but the game still locks up when I lightly press on the right side where the boards join. Same as before.

Repairing My Power Supply that Blew Up

I can't see any bad solders or breaks on the board. Trying to move the roms doesn't seem to be the problem.

I love a challenge, but I may end up having to send vid a plane ticket. Actually I just found a break inside one of the green wires to the upper connector on the driver board. The wire wasn't broken but the connection from the upper right plug to the driver board where you can't see it was broken. I re-soldered it from the backside, and thee Black Knight rides again! With a brand new 40 pin connector. Inactive member. Troy, MI.

Power Supply Unit

In what location are the tip41's used? I see the use of tip, tip and tip42 but not 41's. There is another page that shows a mod for the tip but it is a little more than I want to do.Williams D Arcade Linear Power supplies used on games such as Defender, early Stargate, Pinballs or any other game with this power supply. This kit includes the following:. If you are rebuilding this power supply we recommend you buy the D Cap kit which includes every electrolytic capacitor even the large uf axial one so click here to be directed to it.

LuKa verified owner — January 13, Excellent service and arrived nicely in the UK even through the Christmas Post. The instructions are nice and clear, you have everything you need for a rebuild. I would highly recommend getting this kit if you are having issues with your Williams games.

Have yet to install these components, but everything is nicely packaged and appears to be well constructed. Guaranteed to order from this company again! AlexZander verified owner — October 2, Excellent quality capacitors, components, connectors and pins!

I appreciate the printed parts list and instructions for installing this mega kit. Jim C verified owner — December 9, Excellent kit! Got the old rusty power supply up and running like a champ. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add to Wishlist. Additional information Weight.

Williams D-8359 Mega Deluxe Power Supply Rebuild Kit

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If you are happy to accept these cookies please click the button below or simply continue to use our website. Allow all cookies.More Williams System 3 through 7 repair information is available!

Go to my Resources page. Lots more pinball at Mark's Pinball Page! Introduction to Section 3: To quote a popular comedian of the 90s, "More Power! Probably the most misunderstood component in the early Williams games is the Power Supply.

I read more posts on rec. When in reality, the capacitor probably does need to be replaced, it has nothing to do with the MPU board and only serves to filter the 18vdc lamp power. We'll walk through the power supply and identify the different sections and I'll attempt to describe the symptoms of a bad power supply and which sections they apply too. Want to follow along with the schematics? What makes up the "Power Supply" There are actually 6 different "power supplies" that exist in the game: 1.

The photo below shows a typical power supply setup out of a System 6 game. All of the components are shown. You have the power supply board, the transformer, the two bridge rectifiers, the fuse block and the lamp filter capacitor.

Please, before doing any further troubleshooting, check your fuses! System 6 games have 9 fuses, with earlier games having a few less. Probably the most common fuse to blow, you should keep a good stock of these. F3 - Lamp Fuse8amp not slo-blo! F4 - Flipper Fuse, either a 10amp or 15amp slo-blo. If your game has 2 flippers, then use a 10amp, 3 or more then use a 15amp.

F5 - Logic Supply Fuse4amp also not slo-blo! System 3 and 4 games all games through Flash do not have the fuse for the Flipper power on the power supply F4. The fuse is located under the playfield near the flippers. Fuse holder F4 is present on the power supply on these games, but the circuit isn't used on games from World Cup through Flash. These games routed the GI power through Power Supply board and the.

The photo below shows the GI connector from a Hot Tip and the associated burn marks on the connector. Williams smartly removed the GI from the Power Supply board by World Cup, but had a lapse of judgment and put it back onto the Power Supply board in System 7 games, albeit with a larger Molex connector, but the same burnt connector results.

System 3 games remind me of looking under the hood of a '67 Mustang, not much there but what makes it go. Here is an early System 3 power supply setup with no fuse card. Later System 3 games and all System 4 games had a single fuse card to hold the GI fuse. The logic power supply was not fused before the diodes and filter capacitor as in System 6 and later games. It needs to have its ground intact! That means all 3 prongs still on the plug.

Most games that I've come across have the ground prong cut off to accommodate cheap extension cords or antique electrical wiring. The game uses ground as the return path for just about everything, so if you feel a little buzz when you touch the side rails of your game, that means you're the quickest path to ground! If your line cord has been doctored, or is showing its age in any way i. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a decent 10amp 15' extension cord and cut off one end and use it to replace your existing cord.

Just make sure you wire the ground in properly.Forums New posts Search forums.

what fuse williams power supply defender

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Defender: new power supply AC wiring. Thread starter Zymurgist Start date Sep 2, Zymurgist New member.

Hi Guys, I bought a Defender a couple of years ago that had been home to at least two different kinds of rodent and had the bottom 6 inches of cabinet infested with termite larvae. On the inside the previous owner had put a crappy switching power supply, pulled out most of the original wiring and had patched together a really sketchy wiring job.

I cleaned everything up, cut off the bottom six inches of cabinet and built a new floor for the cabinet and built a riser. The wiring I left alone because I don't really know what I'm doing but since then the game has had multiple problems. Decided to finally address the power supply problem by starting clean, save the old linear power supply and iso and buy a new Game Pro 20Amp PS and a new isolation transformer.

I have searched in the forums for a photo of the AC wiring for this kind of setup a la Bob Robert's AC wiring shot often referenced but couldn't find one. Here's a photo of what I have. My questions; Do I need any line filters of fuses with this setup or can I run the power cord directly from the wall to the power supply and another power cord out of the AC plug on the power supply, strip the female end and wire it to the isolation transformer?

The ISO is only powering the monitor. Was lucky enough to score a JROK board from Arcadeshop a couple of weeks ago so decided to get the multi-Williams harness and replace all the sketchy wiring.

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Thanks a lot guys, K.Posted by Judder in Power Supply Unit. Acquire male and female ATX connectors The number of wires used,…. No comments. So it turns out that not only are the US Williams machines of course rigged for V, but also the V they use has a different Hertz cycle from the V we use in the UK.

I forgot to document the key part of the conversion process of taking a US Williams machine and converting it from V to V is that a jumper wire in the wiring harness needs to be moved and another removed to supply difference voltages to the transformer.

Below is the default US wiring of the…. First thing was to replace the broken bracket that holds the cut-off switch for the cabinet back-cover being removed,…. The Defender Project. Power Supply Unit. Posted by Judder in Power Supply Unit 1 comment.

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Converting the Neon marquee light for UK voltages Oct 27th. Posted by Judder in Power Supply Unit 2 comments. Power Supply Rebuild: converting the wiring harness for v rather than v Oct 27th.

Power Supply Rebuild [complete] May 13th. Power Supply Rebuild continues Apr 13th. Power Supply Rebuild begins Apr 4th. Recent Posts. Recent Comments.Tips are sent out earlier than anyone else allowing me to get the best odds available and plenty of time to place the bets. Amazing how he is able to pick regular winners at long odds. He certainly knows his stuff. Here's to more winners from Craig!.

Defender: new power supply AC wiring

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what fuse williams power supply defender

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Vid's Guide to Bulletproofing Williams System 3-7

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what fuse williams power supply defender

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What fuse williams power supply defender